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Faith in Action Award Scheme

Properly implemented and supported by school and parish structures and communities, the scheme allows young people to see what the Church is for.

Why have a Catholic award scheme?

Valuing the unmeasurable?

  • Good for school / parish community
  • Completely inclusive – accessible by all participants
  • simple and powerful way of reflecting on active faith
  • Enables outreach and inspires action
  • Encourages stronger community links
  • Provides measurable data for faith life of the school (Sect 48 / OFSTED)
  • Transferable skills
  • Participants thanked by the Bishop as Diocesan Award Ceremony

Why Should I do the award scheme?

  • I want to make a difference
  • I want to learn new skills (develop)
  • I care about my community
  • I want to make new friendships
  • I want to explore what faith is and what it means to me
  • I want what I believe to influence how I live
  • It will look good on my record of achievement

Why have a Catholic award scheme?

  • To celebrate the faith journey of young people
  • To celebrate what already happens
  • To encourage tangible living faith in the ‘real world’
  • To strengthen links between individuals, communities and organisations
  • To explore the universal call to holiness
  • To work for the Good News and the common good

The Pastoral Circle

Who is it for?

  • Y6 Primary School
  • Pre / Post Confirmation Groups
  • Parish Youth Groups
  • Y8-13 Secondary School

Primary School

  • Year Six Children Only
  • All done in school
  • Reflection on current projects
  • May inspire new projects
  • May build new relationships
  • Helps transition

Secondary School

  • Bronze, silver and gold awards
  • Projects include outreach
  • Projects encourage leadership as well as personal reflection
  • Fits from Y8 – Y13 (Y10 minimum for gold award)
  • Fits around exam timetable
  • Participants can enter scheme at any level without having completed previous levels

What are the awards?

Seeking – The Pin Award

This award rewards those who actively seek to discover how faith shapes lives. Having taken early steps in establishing a personal relationship with God, participants begin to see that this relationship has an outward and visible effect upon them and those around them.

Participants should come to see their activity at this level as a tangible sign pointing to the integration of their learning and experience.

As they seek to know God better they become aware that others, of all ages, are trying to do the same.

This draws us together in community. Seeking to serve the community helps us discover even more about ourselves, each other and God.

Belonging – The Bronze Award

This award rewards service in faith and helps participants understand how faith binds people together so that they all belong to the community we call the Church.

More than seeking, participants engaged at bronze level will begin to see that their faith and action not only makes them belong to/in the community but makes them responsible in some small way for the well-being of all others who belong, too.

This leads them into greater awareness of their own faith and the faith of others. It will lead them to ask deeper questions of themselves and others. They respond to the ‘call of faith’ by using their on-going service and project work to both complete the award and learn to support and be supported by the communities to which they belong.

As participants complete the Bronze level award the school and parish communities, their neighbourhood and even the society to which they belong should be shaped for good by their efforts. Belonging to the community means being active in it.

Vocation – The Silver Award

This award level asks participants to consider the question, ‘What kind of person do I really want to be?’ This question is fundamental in discerning one’s vocation (calling) as a gift from God and responding in faith to that gift.

It recognises and encourages a maturity of faith which is expressed in terms of leadership and initiative. It promotes a response in faith to the situation in which the participants find themselves, acknowledging that their faith is an important response to the call of God’s voice in their lives and that has its effect upon the whole community.

This award level should help participants realise what they do Is a direct consequence of the kind of person they are. ‘Being’ good persons shaped by the desire to answer God’s call is a different endeavour to ‘doing’ good things.

Participants are challenged to respond to that call.

Mission – The Gold Award

This award promotes new spiritual and personal growth. It rewards a maturity of faith which leads to innovation and development in terms of outreach and missionary work on behalf of the Church community.

Participants will see clearly the link between their growth and the well-being of those they hope to serve. They will recognise that in serving they are changed and the whole Church continues its pilgrim journey as a Witness in the world by deed as well as word.

As faith matures and one begins the process of saying, ‘Yes’ to God’s call, then true freedom and personal fulfilment are to be found at the service of the Good News. More than a message, the Good News sets prisoners free, raises the down-trodden, gives new sight to the blind and proclaims God’s favour for us all.

This is the mission of every person of faith, not just in the Church, parish or school setting, but among everyone we meet. Participants are challenged to be true missionary disciples.

Purchasing the Scheme Guides
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