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Fan the flame – resource pack

Fan the flame resource pack


These youth work resources, inspired by the Flame congress, can be used with young people to engage them, and encourage them to explore their faith with others.

Notes Sheet/About these resources

A file telling you what’s included in the pack and how best to use it.


Your first meeting after Flame Congress

It’s important to keep up the momentum after Flame and to hit the ground running. Okay, enough metaphors. The point is that if you want to build on the experience of Flame, and especially if you want to use Flame as a catalyst for building up a vibrant group, then the sooner you start, the better. This document will give you some great ideas for discussion starters, socials, ways to reminisce and evaluate and ways to plan for the future.We hope that it’s a document that can be used in schools, parishes and a variety of other settings.


Group Prayer/Reflection

A short prayer session which can be used as a night prayer, an opening prayer for a session/ meeting or formany other types of reflection. It focuses on some of the key themes tackled during FlameCongress and on the passage of scripture (‘Fan into a Flame…’) which the event was based around.


Putting together a Group Presentation

One activity which might be really fruitful for the group you took to Flame is to put together some sort of presentation about their experiences. This can be a talk for the parish, or a school assembly for instance. There are a lot of advantages to doing this: For one thing, the planning will help the group to reflect. Also, talking to others about the day will help tomake themfeel included; it will generate interest in any future outings or events that your group has planned, and it might be a great way to thank others in your wider community who supported your group in getting to Flame. This document offers some practical steps and support.


Handout Cards

As with the preparation resources before Flame, we’ve included some cards which you can print out and give to your group. These cards have the central passage from Flame (‘Fan into a Flame’) on the front as well as a reminder to the young people to follow @FlameCongress on Facebook and Twitter (see note about Social Media feeds in the Notes Sheet). The back of the cards is intentionally left blank for you to add your own messages and information. You might want to use this as a chance to pose some questions about where the group wants to go next, or to give some information about future meetings and events that you’ve got planned.


Our Flame Display

Do you want to create a display for the school or parish about Flame? Or maybe a website or an album on a website like for instance? This is another activity which might help the group to reflect and which might help others beyond the group to learn more about your experiences and to feel included. This document offer some practical ideas.


Some help with building a group

This is one of the most important documents of all, and it’s aimed at leaders who want to use the Flame experience to build up a stable group. Indeed, even if your Flame group already came from a stable group, this documentmight offer you a few ideas. The aimhere is to give you some concrete suggestions for planning and building a group. There are also plenty of links and suggestions about resources to use and about the different youth group models you can work with.


A wealth of events, resources and programmes

As noted above, this isn’t just a sort of ‘other ideas’ appendix, but rather quite a comprehensive guide to some of the best stuff that’s out there for Catholic youth ministers, young people and young adults.


‘Three One’ have contributed this resource to the ‘Fan the Flame’ project. ‘Three One’ is a comprehensive syllabus for Catholic Youth Groups comprising a great introduction to the Catholic faith. It spans 40 sessions and 168 pages, and the website has numerous supporting resources and discussion boards.


GenFest 2012

This flyer was contributed by Focolare. It details an interntional Catholic youth event taking place in Budapest this summer.


OSA Lay Community

Information about a new Augustinian Lay Commnity & Centre opening soon in London.


YCW Resources: Young

This resource was contributed by the Young Christian Workers and it invites young people to think about how the world sees them and how they can respond.


YCW Resources: The Flame

This resource was also contributes by the Young Christian Workers, written specifically on the theme of ‘Flame.’


YCW Resources: Church

Another resource kindly produced by YCW especially for Flame Congress. This resource examines what it means to be Church.

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