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New Online Training Courses in Youth Ministry

For Volunteers through to experienced Professionals
CYMFed, in collaboration with St Mary’s University College, Twickenham, has developed a series of Youth Ministry Courses for new and experienced Youth Ministers to commence in October 2011. These Courses will be delivered online.

Why Training?

Youth Ministry is much more than youth group, service projects, retreats and events. It involves facilitating a comprehensive service that integrates young people into the life, mission and work of the Catholic faith community as disciples of Jesus Christ. It encompasses volunteer recruitment, training and management; leadership development for youth and adults; faith formation; expertise in prayer and worship, and much more.
Online Training

Youth Ministry requires new and innovative approaches. Devised by professional practitioners throughout England and Wales, this competency-based ministry formation programme is perfect for the busy youth minister:

 Online, distance learning style
 Vibrant youth ministry training
 Bite-sized pieces, easy to apply
 Leads directly to quality and effectiveness in youth ministry
 Affordable.

The Courses offer various levels of training which correspond to the levels and kinds of roles that leaders engage with in youth ministry. The Core Modules are:

 Youth Ministry in Context
 Ministry and Leadership
 Youth and Culture.

Throughout there will be opportunities for the participants to reflect upon what they are learning and apply new principles and methods to their current ministry setting. All this will be rooted in Scripture, personal prayer and the Sacramental life of the Church as the sure foundation for an active ministry.

In addition, there will be annual Summer Schools on various youth ministry topics to equip youth coordinators, volunteers, chaplains, parents, priests – anyone involved or interested in youth ministry in a diocese, parish, school, movement, religious order or agency.

The Courses:

Basic Level training, designed to provide fundamentals for those new to the ministry, or those who haven’t received training.

Picks up where basic training leaves off and provides knowledge, skills and practical wisdom for those who want to grow more effective in their youth ministry as volunteers or part-timers.

For those engaged in a youth work settings, as well as those working with, and managing organisations for young people. You will gain knowledge and experience of the policies, best practice and skills required to develop both personally and professionally. It also prepares you to engage with further study, enquiry and reflection on practice.

The Courses are open to all faiths but are of particular interest to students from the Catholic tradition.

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