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Young people need Good Work! – new YCW campaign

CYMFed member, The Young Christian Workers of England and Wales, announce the launch of a national campaign which will get to the heart of the reality of the employment practices that young people in the UK face. The campaign will also focus on the effects of youth unemployment as the latest statistics show that one in five 16-25 year olds are currently unemployed.

The campaign, launched on Friday 1st March, will last for two years during which time the movement will engage with over 1000 young people across the country to study, reflect and campaign on the importance of access to good work for young people.

Phil Callaghan, National President of the YCW said, ‘We have spent a long time consulting our members and listening to their concerns. There is undoubtedly a real anxiety amongst young people about their current and future job prospects. We believe that work should promote the God-given dignity of the human person, which can only happen when the work is good and wholesome. ‘He continued ‘good work is a vital way of enabling young people to make a contribution to the society and community in which they live as well as furthering their own skills and personal development.’

We believe that work should promote the God-given dignity of the human person, which can only happen when the work is good and wholesome.

The YCW have learned from the experiences of its members that the young unemployed or those who are not respected in the workplace are in danger of considering themselves as worthless and of no use to society. Some even believe that they are a burden on the state, an idea which is often portrayed throughout the media.

With youth unemployment currently standing at almost one million and the economic outlook bleak, the sense of worthlessness and the isolation felt by young people as a consequence of unemployment is only going to escalate. While the YCW knows that the right to work is crucial for the development of a young person, we also know that it is wrong for society to brand young unemployed as worthless.

As youth unemployment rises there is an unfortunate and unintended consequence of portraying some young people as the undeserving unemployed. All young people deserve to be treated with dignity, worth and respect. The YCW exists to present the fact that all young people, despite their employment status, have something valuable to offer to their community and society as a whole.


Phil Callaghan – National President

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