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 Mapping the terrain

One of the key aims of CYMFed is to develop and strengthen the direction for Catholic youth ministry in England and Wales.

In order to set a direction for our journey, we need to pause for a moment and get our bearings – to map the terrain of the world our young people inhabit. That is why we have commissioned this research into the lives of young Catholics as a crucial element in enabling the whole Church to prayerfully consider its understanding of how we minister amongst young people.

This research, undertaken by the respected ‘nfpSynergy’ research agency, recruited the broadest range of Catholic young people across England and Wales, in both rural, suburban and urban settings, reflecting a balance of gender and ethnicity proportionate to the wider Catholic community.

The findings of this research are fascinating as well as informative, essential reading for anyone working with or alongside young people in the Catholic community.

“I’m not a day to day Catholic, I’m sort of RC. I always break a couple of the old rules in the book but I wouldn’t go around saying I’m a Catholic but the views I have are Catholic definitely. The views I have on life and all that is definitely Catholic.” (Male, 18, London)

To read more you can download a copy of the document here:

CYMFed research document – Mapping the terrain

or the Detailed Typology (fuller document with complete set of typologies).

Or for hard copies please send us an email.

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